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Current obsession: Taeyang - Rise

I am in love with this album I must listen to it every night before I go to bed, not just “Eyes, Nose, Lips” But every single song, I can not help but be in love with them. The collaboration with his YG family make it just perfect. Taeyang has a wonderful voice for the RnB feel, but can also change pace with Pop vibe. When I first listened to the Album I was just swaying to a lot of the songs I was just so captivated, just like every to time I’ve listened. I am so happy with this album its just a treat for my ear, listening to it just lifts me up it makes me calm, but still its something that I can have fun with… :) 5/5


Seriously when I learn that someone is into kpop…i have a hard time because i dont know how to talk to them…like how deep are you in? what level of fangirl are you comfortable with?

Oh my bob yes!!!

Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

You wish me well; I wish you hell.


you left me paralyzed. no cure, no rehab for me.  (x)



first in a series! i wanted to start off with amber but…her outfit isn’t really possible because it’s literally just a white shirt…and i can’t make pants so yeah. hope you like! (sorry i’m a shitty model uhh my mayor doesn’t generally wear girls’ clothes)

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